Monday, April 28, 2008

April 25th at Gilman

Alex Capasso / Skin Like Iron - Photo by Jessica Snyder

This week we played two shows with Pulling Teeth (Baltimore) and Circles (Vancouver). The first show was Wednesday in Santa Cruz at the 418 Project. Having been home for only 36 hours at that point and having jumped headlong back into our work and school schedules, we were jet-lagged and beat up, but we pulled it off, I think.

The second home-coming show was on Friday at 924 Gilman. The Separation (heavy and political - Redding, CA), Pulling Teeth and Circles were awesome that night. Punch (frantic/hyperkinetic - San Francisco, CA) also played, and they blew me away. I'm usually not so impressed with bands that I just happen to see, without having heard before, but Punch really kills. I regret not seeing Conquest for Death's performance, but I really needed some fresh air and I had to step outside for a while.

Next show is at the Bike Kitchen!