Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Emigre Exhibition

The work of Emigre, the legendary type/design/publishing powerhouse, is currently on exhibit at San Francisco's Gallery 16. I completely missed the opening (which was over a month ago), but luckily I still have 10 days to catch the show before it closes on January 30th.

Gallery 16 San Francisco
Emigre News Archive

Poster Cabaret

Poster Cabaret showcases and sells the works of a number of talented designers. Poster art is usually pretty exciting, as that is its imperative; by their very nature, posters strive to entice and attract people to events, or to at least offer an enduring memento of the event. After only a few seconds of surfing through the site, it already looks like I may need to expand my collection.

Danzig by Micah Smith

Bicycle by Eleanor Grosch

All the Colors of the Dark by Doublenaut