Friday, August 21, 2009

Humanity Is The Devil

Every few months I produce a few zines all at once. I used to stick to one issue at a time, and would release one every four to six months. Recently, I've found that working on multiple issues at once gives me an opportunity to better focus each issue, rather than trying to fit all my ideas into one single issue. I'm nearly finished with issues 9 and 10, and I will begin working on issue 11 as soon as I can get together with my collaborator, Kim.

Issue 9 - 10,000 Days On Earth, The Ravings of Artie Cline - (A compilation of poetry)
Issue 10 - San Francisco Graffiti - TAGS
Issue 11 - The Photography of Kimberly Yount

Monday, August 17, 2009

Always wear your helmet

Well, it's not especially sage advice, but it should never be discounted. About an hour ago, I loaded up my bag with about 10 packages to send off to the winners of my recent eBay auctions. I grabbed my bike, and got ready to hit the door. Before I left the house, I did the usual "should I wear my helmet? I'm only going a mile through the neighborhood" routine, and settled on wearing my helmet. Within 5 blocks, I came within 10 feet of being hit by a blatant red light runner. I caught up with her, and asked her what her deal was. All she did was throw up her hands in a weak peace offering, and seemed somewhat annoyed that I was calling her on this.

I reminded her that it could have been her and to pay attention when she's driving. I'm sure that I might as well have been talking to a wall.

Luckily there was no collision, but I'm glad I had my stupid looking helmet strapped on.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Tonight I popped into Needles & Pens for a photo exhibit featuring the photographs of Chrissy Piper. The photos on display also appear in issue #3 of her on-going series, Three Records. The photos were great, and these zines provide some really great insight into the records which inspire fellow punks. The personal stories and anecdotes are fantastic.

I got a call from a friend today, and I didn't get around to listening to his voicemail until just now. We've been working on updating our online zine store, and he just wanted to set up a time that we could get some work done. He also let me know that the first issue of my graffiti zine (Humanity Is The Devil) has been included in Bloodwars Magazine, Issue #28. Bloodwars is a long running, Bay Area based graffiti zine that has recently begun reprinting zines that they deem "classic". I'm glad for the recognition. Thank you, Bloodwars!

On a final note about zines – On Thursday night, I spoke with Layla at MRR, and I'm going to start helping out with layouts. I love reading Maximum Rocknroll every month, and getting the chance to help produce this great magazine is pretty exciting!