Saturday, January 9, 2010

So Many Books, So Little Time

As a child, I read a lot. I mean, a LOT. There were a couple of summers where I completed my local library's summer reading program TWICE... not just because I wanted the crappy prizes, but because I really just enjoyed the act of reading. Strangely, though, at a certain point, I just stopped. I can't really explain it, but fiction just became unbearable. My ability to immerse myself in the plot, absorb the characters' personalities and motivations just faded away. Pretty suddenly as I remember it, actually.

Biographies, historical and scientific accounts still capture my attention from time to time, but nothing beats the thrill that I get when reading about artistic people and their endeavors. It goes beyond simply admiring the pages and pages of eye candy. While I often find immediate inspiration in their images, I find it more fascinating to arrive at a better understanding of how personal or historical circumstances shaped artistic outlooks, movements and processes. Luckily for me, the birthday and Christmas season just dumped a TON of these sorts of books in my lap. Here's what I'll be thumbing through and eating up in the coming weeks and months.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Fan Dub? What's a Fan Dub?

Recently, my girlfriend and I have been arguing about whether or not to get a dog. She wants one, and I don't. But that doesn't stop us from discussing possible dog names. If we do get a dog, and it's a boy, we'll name him Garbageman. No dispute. Tonight, my girlfriend brought the dog subject up again, and suggested Ursula as a name for a female dog. The name is inspired by the sea witch from The Little Mermaid, which got me thinking. "What about Prince Eric?", I suggested. She told me that the name seemed a little bit "gay". Well, so what if my dog is gay, this is fucking San Francisco.

From there, I decided to Google "Prince Eric" and here's what I found.

1. Artist renderings of Prince Eric as a hunky underwear model.

2. A Youtube "Fan Dub" featuring scenes from the Little Mermaid. I had no idea what a "fan dub" was, but quickly ascertained that it is a video in which a fan records themselves mimicking and reciting the dialogue from a movie, and over-dubbing the new audio it into the original scene. This type of activity must be the monomaniacal work of an asexual, linguistically gifted, autistic adult. Obsession and other associated disorders can be amazing things when focused properly.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Requisite Reflective First Post of the Year

Every year comes to an end, and every blogger must provide their readership (no matter how miniscule) with a generalized sampling of the events that transpired over the past 12 months of their lives. OK, so here's mine.

The world lost a good man: R.I.P., Matt Mahoney.
Skin Like Iron's s/t 10" on 3 Maximum Rocknroll columnists' Top 10 of 2009 lists.
Humanity Is The Devil, San Francisco Graffiti Zine - Issue VII published.

Accepted to CCA's Graphic Design program.
Skin Like Iron releases "All Human Failings" 12" on Free Cake Records.

Skin Like Iron, Ceremony, Mind - weekend tour of California, Oregon & Washington.

Skin Like Iron, Pulling Teeth, Lewd Acts, 108 - 10 day West Coast tour.
First time (ever) traveling out of the country. Vancouver is beautiful.
Virgin Witch writes and records two songs.
Stopped eating meat.

50th Annual Corralitos Lumberjack Breakfast.
Saw a 12 year old Rod Blagojevich look alike.

My little sister graduates from UCSC. Who finishes college in ONLY 4 years?
All of my grandparents visit.
Endless summer begins - scraping by on savings and freelance. No REAL job.

Humanity Is The Devil, San Francisco Graffiti Zine - Issue VI & VIII published.
Skin Like Iron plays Sound & Fury Festival.
Mini-vacation in Santa Barbara.

Skin Like Iron plays Maximum Rocknroll's "San Francisco is Doomed" Fest.
Endless summer ends. First time with no job or school in 12 years.

First semester of CCA begins.
Roommate of over a year moves out.

Skin Like Iron, Streetwalkers southern California tour.
Subletter moves in.
First taste of Sightglass coffee. This is a huge development in my life.
Trip to Halfmoon Bay Pumpkin Patch w/ Mike & Katie.

Kristin moves back in.

Finished first semester at CCA with 3.25 GPA.
Survived another year, turned 28.
Humanity Is The Devil, San Francisco Graffiti Zine - Issue X published
"All Human Failings" included on two Maximum Rocknroll columnists' Top 10 of the Decade lists.