Wednesday, August 12, 2009

San Francisco's Doomed Fest!

So what is this all about? Well, basically, the folks at Maximum Rocknroll organized nearly 10 shows all across the city of San Francisco for the purpose of funding a new all ages venue in the city. The fest begins tonight with the MRR Shitworkers showcase at the Balazo/Submission Gallery, and goes through Sunday the 16th.

Every show features a really great variety of bands, mainly from or around, San Francisco. If you're into punk or hardcore, you're going to find at least one show that you'll really enjoy, so come on out!

Tomorrow night, my band will be playing at the Knockout with some really great bands. The show starts at 9:00, and there's not exactly a rigid order, so any band could play at any time. Every band is killer, so get there on time!

San Francisco's Doomed
Dirty Cupcakes
Airfix Kits
Young Offenders
Never Healed
Skin Like Iron