Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Poster Drafts

One of my courses this semester is based around the concept of curating a fictional music festival, featuring music of a specific (assigned) genre. Our responsibility is to provide the visual support for this festival. This will encompass a variety of printed material, as well as motion/film work, and a website.

After a couple weeks of research, and class presentations which were designed to familiarize our classmates with our musical genres, we're now in the first phases of our visual design. In the course of a week, we've produced 27 concept images. An initial round of 15, two refinements from that batch, and an additional 10. Next step is to pick the two most successful concepts, and create 10 variations on each.

Here are the designs that I'm most satisfied with as of yesterday. My genre is shoegaze, and my visual approach attempts to capture the dreaminess, mysteriousness and multi-layered nature of the genre. The phrases on the posters are a bit dadaist; pulled from stream of consciousness and chance pairings of words that I created from a pool of 100 words that I felt were apropos to the genre. A little silly at times, but it provides a bit of a foundation to build on.